Bear Butt Double Camping Hammock Review

Bear Butt Hammocks Camping Hammock Review - Rest and Swing
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What We Like

  • Quick setup
  • Lightweight
  • Durable

What We Don't Like

  • Carabiners not as high quality as other brands

After a long day of walking, hiking, or swimming, there’s nothing quite like a comfy bed to jump into. Unfortunately, when you go on camping trips or hikes you’re not going to have access to a nice warm bed, so you’ll need a portable option that rivals your bed at home.

If you’re looking for something soft, reliable, versatile, and affordable to take with you on outdoor trips, keep reading to find out why this Bear Butt hammock may be for you.

Though unusual, the name Bear Butt is exactly what it would take to even challenge the capacity of this extra-large indoor/outdoor camping parachute hammock. Spanning over 10 feet long and 6 feet wide, the strong nylon of the Bear Butt Double Camping Hammock makes it perfect to hold 1-2 adults or even more children safely and comfortably.

Once you find 2 suitable tree, poles, or other anchor points to attach to, it only takes a few minutes to set up before you can crawl in and rock yourself to sleep. At an exceptionally affordable price and coming in multiple color combinations, this hammock is a definite contender for a value indoor/outdoor hammock.

Who Is This Product For?

As an extra-large parachute hammock, the Bear Butt Double Camping Hammock is versatile enough to be used in just about any situation. It is large and strong enough to hold multiple people, so it would be great as a hanging bench or rocking chair for a family with children or a couple who want to be close together. The hammock is also portable, so it’s great to keep in your backpack if you adventure overnight.

It doesn’t include anything to protect it from the outdoor elements though, so it would best be used indoors or in dry environments where rain isn’t a concern.

What’s Included?

Included with this Bear Butt hammock is almost everything you’ll need to start hanging in just a few minutes. You’ll get a “stuff sack” that contains the 10’ x 6’ hammock with reinforced hanging straps attached as well as carabiners to secure the hammock to the included 10’ tactical grade ropes after they’re wrapped around the tree. However, if you use the included ropes you’ll need to tie your own knots to secure the hammock.

If you’re not comfortable with that, we recommend getting standard tree straps to hook up to instead.

Overview of Features

The Bear Butt Double Camping Hammock (available in 3 colors) is made of a breathable 210-thread count nylon taffeta material that is reinforced with a 75D nylon for additional support, allowing the 10’ x 6’ hammock to support a whopping 700 pounds. It is both long and wide enough for you to fully stretch out, and strong enough to hold 2 adults, 3-4 children, or a few pets without a problem while still being incredibly portable at only 1.5 pounds.

Setup is also simple, with finding the trees to attach it to being the longest part of the process thanks to the easy strap and carabiner system.

As a consequence of being a simple and affordable double hammock, you don’t get some of the luxury features that come in handy for hardcore campers or hikers. This model doesn’t include anything to protect from rain or a mosquito net to keep prevent you from getting bitten by bugs in your sleep. However, at this price point it may be worth getting the extras separately.

Additionally, it doesn’t include tree-friendly straps, but instead a strong rope that needs to be tied to work. This may be a problem for newer campers, so consider getting separate tree straps.

How to Use

To set up the Bear Butt hammock, you’ll first need to unpack everything from the stuff sack and roll out the hammock. Then once you’ve found a suitable location, tie the provided ropes (or tree straps) to the tree so that you can hook the hammock on. After the hooks are setup, simply expand the hammock, put the heavy-duty carabiners on the ropes or straps, and you’re all set!


Looking for something of a similar size but want protection from bug bites? Consider the EZfull Double Camping Hammock. At 10’ x 6.5’ it is actually slightly bigger than the Bear Butt hammock, but it also includes a zipper-secured net that you can add or remove as needed. You’ll also receive tree straps as part of the package, so no need to buy them separately. It costs a bit more than the Bear Butt hammock, but the extras may be worth it for you.


With the Bear Butt Double Camping Hammock, you can take the comfort of a cozy bed with you just about anywhere. Don’t risk waking up with back pain or tossing and turning to try to get comfortable on the hard ground when you can simply sprawl out on a floating bed.

At an affordable price and with a simple setup and high praise from its thousands of customers, the Bear Butt Double Camping Hammock is a solid option to consider when it comes to getting the most size for your money.