Best Hammocks: Complete Reviews with Comparison 2021

Best Hammocks of 2018 Complete Reviews with Comparison
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Sleeping in traditional style tents or sleeping bags leaves you exposed to bugs, dirt, and bad weather conditions. Not to mention the fact that they take up a lot of space but still leave you feeling like you’ve slept on the bare ground. Fortunately, camping doesn’t have to be that uncomfortable.

A better way of enjoying your camping trips is to invest in sleeping hammocks. Not only are they comfortable and easy to set up, but they also provide you with a better quality of sleep. What more could you ask for than falling asleep under the stars but knowing you’re protected and elevated above the ground?

If that caught your interest, below, we'd discuss, evaluate, and compare the best hammocks of 2018 so that you can pick the unit that is perfect for you.

Top 5 Hammocks Comparison Chart

Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock – Lightweight Nylon Portable Hammock

Double & Single Portable Camping Hammock – Parachute Lightweight Nylon

HONEST OUTFITTERS Single Camping Hammock

Bear Butt Hammock – USA Brand 2 Person Double Camping Parachute Hammocks

Hatteras Hammocks Deluxe DuraCord Rope Hammock

Best Hammock Reviews

1. Winner Outfitters Double Hammock

Winner Outfitters Double Hammock

The Winner Outfitters Double Hammock is designed with you in mind. It’s been fitted to be able to hold a weight limit of 500 pounds, which is more than enough for two people. There’s also plenty of room, which means you don’t have to worry about rubbing up against each other while you sleep.

The hammock is designed to be portable, lightweight, and compact, making it ideal for trekking, hiking, and camping. While it’s designed with outdoor adventurers in mind, you can also use it when you travel, on the beach, or even right in your own backyard. No matter what the occasion, the Winner Outfitters have your back.

Product Highlights

The fabric that this hammock is designed with is a special 210T nylon parachute which makes it weather resistant and durable. Hence, as stated, this hammock is designed to be used by up to two people as long as the total weight does not exceed 500 pounds.

The hammock is specially designed to be lightweight, which makes it easy to transport or carry. Although setup time varies, it’s designed to be set up fast because of the included accessories.

When you purchase this product, you'll receive the camping hammock, two ropes which are 137” long, two tree-friendly straps which are 52” long, and two steel carabiners.

What's to like about the Winner Outfitters Double Hammock

This hammock can comfortably hold two people, which is a plus because this means that you can easily bring someone with you or you can use it all by yourself for stretching out.

With the included tree-friendly straps and durable carabiners, you can quickly set up your hammock within minutes of getting to your camp, ensuring you’re not losing any daylight. The whole unit comes in at around 2.3 pounds, and various colors are available for those who want a matching themed set.

What's not to like about the Winner Outfitters Double Hammock

The only issue we’ve found with this unit is that it’s not very compact when compared to other lightweight models. The amount of space it takes up is not as small as we’d like but if you have the patience to try and roll it up tighter, then this won’t make any difference to you.


  • Comfortable
  • Super lightweight
  • Durable hammock and accessories


  • Not compressible

2. MalloMe Double Hammock

The MalloMe Double Hammock is designed to accommodate two people with ease. While you may worry about weight capacity with other hammocks, with this double hammock, it has an astounding 1,000 pounds breaking capacity. That’s almost three to four times more than other units on the market.

The unit is also designed to be extra-large and give you plenty of space, even with two people. So, if you’re looking for a large hammock that gives you enough room for both of you to stretch out, then this is the product for you.

Product Highlights

This hammock can easily support two, full-sized adults with no issues, and it almost feels like you’re living in luxury. The unique straps can support up to 1,000 pounds of weight, while the fabric is woven from 210T nylon, which is a durable material that can prevent ripping.

When you’re on the go, you likely want a super compact and lightweight hammock, and this product meets such requirement because even though it can support large weights and has extra space, it folds up to a small size. The stuff sack is also conveniently sewn into the hammock, which makes it easy to pack up and carry. You can unfold the hammock in seconds and have it setup in just a few minutes.

What's to like about the MalloMe Double Hammock

This hammock is built to impress and hold the mightiest of loads. We could never expect any less from this brand, as the unit is very compact and lightweight. The ripstop fabric ensures that it lasts a lifetime, and the 210T nylon makes it a heavy contender when it comes to being weatherproof.

What's not to like about the MalloMe Double Hammock

The only bad thing we’ve found about this unit is because it folds into a convenient and compact ball of only one pound, the material is very thin. This may not be ideal if you’re looking for a plush double hammock.


  • Spacious and compact
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Extremely high weight capacity
  • Quick and easy to setup and take down


  • Thin

3. Honest Outfitters Single & Double Hammock

The Honest Outfitters Single & Double Hammock is an excellent hammock which can be set up in just a few minutes. The design is ideal for those who want a lightweight unit that not only supports a decent load but is also crafted from weather-resistant materials. No matter what, you’ll be satisfied with the included straps and the number of different colors that it comes in.

Product Highlights

This hammock is designed to be used by either one or two individuals. It can support up to 500 pounds of weight so that you can use it with your significant other, friends, or family. No matter who you’re with, you’ll have enough space to keep both of you comfortable.

The whole pack is lightweight and is designed to be set up quickly or in just under three minutes. This hammock is ideal for camping, hiking, or just general use. When you purchase the unit, you will receive the hammock, two hammock straps, and two steel carabiners.

What's to like about the Honest Outfitters Single & Double Hammock

We love that this unit comes in multiple vibrant colors and also that you can purchase it in either single or double versions. The hammock is relatively lightweight and comes with a sack to carry it in. The compactness of the unit makes it ideal for trekking, hiking, and trails.

What's not to like about the Honest Outfitters Single & Double Hammock

The only issue we’ve had with the hammock is that it includes straps, but they are not adjustable. This means you may have a hard time securing the unit around a tree or pole. So, you should consider buying attachable, adjustable straps instead.


  • Comfortable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Available in various colors
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Non-adjustable straps

4. Bear Butt Double Hammock

The Bear Butt Double Hammock has a massive weight capacity of up to 500 pounds, which makes it great for either one or two people. When you purchase the hammock, you will also get a bag, which is attached to the unit, making it impossible to lose or forget it. You can use this for camping, traveling, or even daytime events.

Product Highlights

This hammock is made out of 75D Nylon Taffeta material and has been stitched with a total of 210 thread count. The hammock can be set up fast, which is great if you’re excited to get other activities done. The unit attaches to trees or poles using the two heavy-duty, 10-foot-long ropes and carabiners, which means you will have to know how to tie knots.

What's to like about the Bear Butt Double Hammock

The triple stitches add to the strength of this unit because you can comfortably sleep in any position or have other objects in the bed with you. You won’t have to worry about it ripping, and you can rest assured that it will last for a long time. The extra-large design is a bonus as it gives you more space to move around.

What's not to like about the Bear Butt Double Hammock

Unfortunately, the product comes in a color that is quite bright, so if you want a unit to blend into the wilderness or to match your camping set, then we wouldn’t recommend this to you. However, the poorly selected color doesn’t mean that the quality of the hammock is poor.

Read the full Bear Butt Camping Hammock Review here!


  • Spacious and lightweight
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Easy to pack and carry around


  • Bright color
  • Quite difficult to set up

5. Hatteras Hammocks Deluxe Hammock

While other camping hammocks are designed to be used in the wilderness, the Hatteras Hammock is designed to be used indoors, in your backyard, or in tropical settings. The aesthetic makes it very appealing to those who want to add a little tropics in the mix. DuraCords line the hammock, and it’s been dyed in an oatmeal color, complementing most aesthetic sets.

Product Highlights

The Duracord rope is designed to be weather resistant, sturdy, and is resistant to abrasions. You may not think that this unit is suited for outdoors, but it’s been specially designed to be rot, mildew, and mold resistant.

The hammock has a weight capacity of 450 pounds and features Cumaru spreader bars, which helps add more support to the unit. Over time you’ll find that the bars change color from a brown to a silvery-grey tone. Included when you purchase the unit are two O-rings, and steel-made tree hooks that are lined with a corrosion barrier.

What's to like about the Hatteras Hammocks Deluxe Hammock

This hammock is great in adding a soft aesthetic to your indoor or outdoor relaxing areas. It’s designed to be weather resistant, but only to an extent. The woven DuraCords are soft as cotton and are very plush so that you would feel comfortable.

What's not to like about the Hatteras Hammocks Deluxe Hammock

While this hammock is designed to be used outdoors and offers many weather resistant features, it’s not for long-term outdoor use. Likewise, this unit is designed for lounging and relaxing, but not for everyday use.

The ropes also offer no protection from rain or wet weather conditions. That is why you can only use this to compliment your new relaxing indoor or outdoor area.


  • Luxurious looking
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Available in various colors
  • Corrosion-resistant rings
  • Withstands certain weather conditions


  • Not for camping


Modern hammocks come in a wide variety of styles, and many of them offer you added benefits such as pockets, weather-resistant fabrics, and tarps. You’ll need to remember that hammocks need to have a few essential elements in order to be used outdoors.

While it may seem good to invest in some hammocks, many of them aren’t designed for long-term use. You’ll also want to keep in mind the weight capacity, as this can make a difference from you ending up on the ground in the middle of the night. Listed below are a few key elements that make a hammock shine above other models.

Types of Hammocks

When you’re shopping for a hammock, you need to keep in mind that there are hammocks for different kinds of settings. One of the biggest issues we see with people purchasing hammocks is that they don’t understand that different hammocks are designed for different uses. Listed below are just a few types:

Rope Hammocks

While rope hammocks look aesthetically pleasing and compliment tropical themes and settings, they aren’t very durable. If they don’t have weather resistant coating or materials, they won’t last in bad weather conditions. These should mainly be used for aesthetic uses and should be limited to hangouts and overnight events.

Fabric Hammocks

These types of hammocks are specifically designed to be used only for poolside or lounging purposes. They aren’t designed to carry massive amounts of weight, and they aren’t resistant to a build-up of germs or tearing. You may want only to use this for limited amounts of time and shouldn’t expect them to last long.

Camping Hammocks

These types of hammocks are designed to be used outdoors for long-term. This means that you can take them camping, trekking, backpacking, and on trails.

They are crafted from weather-resistant materials and will have reinforcing qualities which makes them long lasting and durable. You’ll find that these types of hammocks also have a higher weight capacity as well.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is another big factor that people tend to overlook when buying a hammock, so you need to plan ahead on who and how many people will be using the hammock. You can expect most hammocks to hold up to 200 pounds, but some reinforced and heavy duty hammocks can hold up to 1,000 pounds. It just depends on the make and model and what the hammock was designed for.

Hammock Material/Fabrics

There are a few different types of materials that are used for hammocks, though most are just your traditional type of cotton or fabric blends.

For lounging hammocks, you can expect to find them crafted from ropes, cotton, plastic, and nylon. Camping hammocks, on the other hand, are usually made from either parachute nylon or 210T fabric. The nylon is water resistant, and the 210T is weather resistant and rip-proof.

Hammock Bed Sizes

Three types of sizes exist for hammocks: children, adult, and double. The children size is ideal for your average adolescent, but should not be used by teens or adults. Adult sized hammocks are great for one person and can be used outdoors. Lastly, the double hammocks are designed to comfortably fit two people, but you can also find extra-large versions if you need more space.


There are a few different trusted hammock brands which include the Winner Outfitters, the MalloMe, and the Honest Outfitters. These manufacturers all design single and double hammocks which can be used indoors and outdoors.

The other trusted brands are the Bear Butt and Hatteras. There are other outdoor gear companies, but we’d highly recommend the above-listed ones.

Hammocks F.A.Q.

How to Set up a Hammock?

Hammocks can be complicated for those who are just learning how to set one up. To succeed, you have to know what’s included in your purchase and what isn’t.

If you bought a compact hammock, then you’ll first need to take it out of its sack and unroll it. Check to see if there are ropes or tree-friendly attachments. If there are just ropes, then you’re going to need to find some carabiners which can help attach the hammock to the tree.

The carabiners give you extra protection and support, but they aren’t needed. Though we will recommend them to beginners, as tying strong knots can be challenging if you haven’t gotten much practice.

Next, either fix the ends to the tree or tie the knots. If you don’t know which knots are useful, try and find a tutorial or guide. After you do this, you’ve officially set up your first hammock! Once you’re done using it, detach everything and roll it back up into its sack and carry it away.

How to Sleep in a Hammock?

You have two choices when it comes to sleeping in a hammock. Most hammocks don’t allow you to sprawl out, so you’ll either be stuck sleeping on your back, or you’ll be sleeping on your side.

It’s honestly up to you which position you prefer most. If you’re sleeping with more than one person, we highly recommend getting an extra-large or a double hammock.

What is a Hammock?

A hammock is a type of bed which is affixed to structures such as trees or poles, and it’s commonly used for sleeping. You can often find hammocks designed for camping, lounging, or for poolside use, but you can lay down in a hammock, sit in it, or use it to swing back and forth.

How to Hang a Hammock Outdoors?

Hanging a hammock in a camp setting requires a bit of knowledge. You’ll need first to find a tree that can support the hammock and your weight. While the hammock may be advertised for supporting a specific weight, you still need to find a healthy tree.

Only affix your hammock to trees that are healthy, standing up straight, and are thick. You don’t want the tree to fall on you, and you don’t want it to have mold or moss.

Attaching it to a tree takes some practice, so you’ll need to learn how to tie hammock knots. Luckily, there are a bunch of video tutorials online or written guides. Though we highly recommend that you watch a video or learn from pictures.

You’ll need to practice your knots because if you don’t knot them the right way, you can end up falling down in the middle of the night. This can be hazardous and lead to severe injuries. Lastly, never affix your hammock to any uneven land, rocks, or any other objects underneath it.

How Much Weight Can a Hammock Hold?

We’ve seen double hammocks that promise to hold up to 1,000 pounds while the single-person hammocks often have a 300 to 450 pounds weight capacity. However, we’d always say you should keep the maximum weight at 400 pounds to be safe. If you’re unsure, you should do a test before you attempt to spend the night outdoors in your hammock.


Generally speaking, the best hammocks will be designed with safety and durability in mind. Other key features include large weight capacities, compactness, and storage pockets.

While there are many great hammocks out there, we’d have to recommend the Honest Outfitters Single & Double Hammock to you. This is because it comes in multiple options, is designed with weather resistant nylon fabric, and includes tree-friendly straps which make setting it up easy for beginners.