What is a Double Hammock: Top Reasons to Invest in One

What is a Double Hammock Top Reasons to Invest in One
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Are you planning a camping trip soon? If yes, you're probably going to invest in some type of sleeping gear. If that's the case, you'll have a few different options to choose from when it comes to purchasing safe and comfortable sleeping items while you're outdoors.

The requirements for a great sleeping hammock are going to be different for each person, but they're all designed similarly. Investing in an excellent hammock will make your trip more comfortable and allow you to get more rest so that you can be more productive on your journey.

Before you think about getting a regular hammock, consider the benefits of purchasing a double hammock. You’ll be interested to know that they are a lot easier to use, especially if you have multiple people joining you on your trip.

What is a Double Hammock

What is a Double Hammock?

A double hammock is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a hammock that is designed to be used by two people instead of one. Now you’re probably thinking, why would I ever want to invest in this? What’s the point of getting a double hammock? Wouldn’t it just be a nuisance to get a bigger hammock and be smashed against the person I’m sleeping next to?

Sure, you could say that a double hammock produces an odd sensation if you’re sleeping near someone you don’t know, but it can also offer you multiple benefits when compared to the traditional one-person hammocks. We’ll discuss a few different benefits of switching to a two-person hammock below.

Reduces Your Carrying Capacity

The number one reason you should consider switching to a double hammock is the fact that it allows you to reduce the amount of weight that you carry. In reality, when you go camping, it's likely that your camp isn't going to be right at the edge of the camping grounds. This means that you're going to have to carry most of your camping equipment to your camping grounds.

Carrying extra weight can tire you out, especially if you’re moving a lot. Getting a double hammock can save you energy because it’s lighter than your traditional one-person hammock, and it takes up less space.

Think of a double hammock like a bunk bed. You’re going to get extra space for a person to sleep, while not compromising on the amount of space you need to use.

Think of a double hammock like a bunk bed

Adds Better Atmosphere

Some people like to get away on a camping trip with their loved ones. By using a double hammock, you can create a more romantic or safe sleeping environment. If you’re bringing your significant other, you can cuddle up to them at night, which is more helpful than trying to snuggle in two separate hammocks.

You’ll also be warmer by being able to share your body heat while you sleep, creating an excellent sleeping environment. If you’re bringing your children or a close friend, sleeping in a double hammock can also reassure you that the person you’re sleeping with isn’t in any danger. This can be useful for young children or kids who like to wander away when you're not looking.

Enhances Your Speed

Another big reason to switch to a double hammock is that you would spend less time hauling around gear and setting it up. A double hammock takes the same amount of time to set up as a one-person hammock, which means you can save time by making the switch.

This is important if your camping trip has limited time for setting up your campsite. It also means you’re going to have one less tree or pole to hold the hammock up, which can be useful when you’re setting up in an area with limited resources.

They Are Durable and Strong

There are almost so many times you can take falling out of a hammock before you get fed up. The last thing you want is to find yourself falling to the ground in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping. A double hammock can comfortably hold two people and is built to be more durable than other types of hammocks.

Added Comfort

Think about this situation: you’re on a trip with your significant other, and it’s cold out. What do you do? You can cuddle up to them for warmth. This is very useful when you’re in a double hammock because all you’ll need to do is move a few inches and your significant other is right there.

You can also use a double hammock on your own as this will allow you to spread out and is more comfortable. Who said more space is a bad thing?


Double hammocks are very useful in a number of different ways. You’ll be able to save space in your camping gear, be more comfortable in the long run, and spend less time setting up your camp. All of these elements can make your trip run more smoothly. Hopefully, this has answered your question as to what is a double hammock.

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